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Insert Target Antigen into Envelope to Induce High Titer of Antibodies to the Target Antigen

The immune system is a biological structure that works to protect against disease. The human immune system detects foreign objects such as viruses, bacteria or abnormal own tissues (like cancer cells) in the body, and not only tries to eliminate these objects but memorizes them so it can protect the body from these objects in the future. Vaccines utilize such immune system to protect us from various diseases.

Traditional vaccines are made using live viruses, which, though rare, cause serious safety issues. Unlike traditional vaccines, our novel, proprietary platform technology was created by utilizing virus like particles (VLPs). VLPs are identical to the authentic native viruses in their shapes, but do not carry any genetic material of native viruses. Without genetic material, VLPs cannot replicate themselves. This means that when presented to the body, immune system will recognize VLPs as foreign objects, triggering effective immune responses, but without causing the side effects associated with the native virus.

I-αVLP Platform Technology

VLP Therapeutics developed a proprietary, plug-and-play platform called inserted alphavirus virus-like particle (i-αVLP) using the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) VLP. Through this adaptable platform, foreign antigens can be inserted into two specific sites of the envelope protein on the surface of i-αVLP.

Superior Efficacy

With 240 copies of envelope protein per CHIKV VLP, each i-αVLP can display a tremendous 480 copies of an inserted antigen. This highly symmetrical, icosahedral dense array of antigens are shown to induce very strong immune responses, resulting in the superior efficacy.

Established Safety

Unlike traditional vaccines, VLPs themselves are non-replicative because they do not carry any genetic material, and therefore are safe, having been used to make the FDA-approved vaccines for Hepatitis B virus and human papillomavirus.

Efficient Production

VLP Therapeutics has established a method to efficiently produce i-αVLPs which can be scaled for commercial production.