VLP Therapeutics was recently recognized as one of eleven companies that exemplify Japan’s commitment to Innovation as outlined in the 2017 Comprehensive Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation.

In 2017 the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan published a Comprehensive Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation which outlined a strategy to enhance Japan’s industrial competitiveness. The 2017 Comprehensive Strategy also focused on resolving social problems and the recognized companies are using their science and technology to benefit society. VLP Therapeutics is collaborating with Japanese institutions to develop next-generation vaccines to improve global health, which is consistent with the Comprehensive Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation.

“We are pleased that our company has been selected as an innovative company and we truly want to be a company to support people’s life and health through our innovative technologies, said Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Wataru Akahata. “We will continue to develop our vaccines and new therapies against infectious diseases and cancer.”

http://www8.cao.go.jp/cstp/sogosenryaku/nintei2017.html (In Japanese)


Comprehensive Strategy on Science, Technology and Innovation for 2017


About VLP Therapeutics:
VLP Therapeutics was established in 2013 with a mission to create next-generation virus-like particles to transform traditional vaccine therapies. We are focusing on cancer and infectious disease vaccines. VLP Therapeutics modifies viruses to target cells in two ways: 1) delivery of substantial antigen on the surface of the virus; and 2) direct insertion of genetic material inside the virus. Our virus-like particles have proven to be highly immunogenic in multiple animal models and we anticipate initiating a human trial of our Malaria vaccine in 2018. The company is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland.