Ms. Misako Nakata

Co-Founder, IP Counsel

Ms. Nakata has been in charge of intellectual property under the direction of Dr. Ueno and Dr. Kuno since early 1990. After their establishment of Sucampo, she contributed the strategic IP protection for Sucampo and played an important role in the global business expansion before her resignation from Sucampo in October 2016. During the time, she appointed a board of Sucampo’s Japan entity in September 2003, and appointed a representative director of Sucampo’s Japan entity in July 2004, and she contributed the R&D, alliance and commercialization of AMITIZA ® (lubiprostone). Also she worked for 6 years as a General Marketing Supervisor of the first-class marketing authorization holder in Japan.

Now she is a board member of the related company as well as an independent consultant providing IP counsel with her wide experiences.